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The website of Peter Thomas Richards

Brisbane Queensland

Tribute to the late Rhonda Joan Tomkins

08/11/1950 - 11/01/2016

New - My 5kW PV Solar System

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Freneau Park College Toowoomba

OLSH Crest

The Freneau Park College Reunion was held on 30th and 31st August 2014 at Downlands College.

New Photo of Freneau Park Students. Any idea which year?

Freneau Park Pines

Who planted the Norfolk Island Pines opposite the Clifford Park Racecourse in Toowoomba?

See Freneau Park for the answer.

Freneau Park Pines Street View

Google Earth Street View Freneau Pines

Freneau Park College - Rugby Team 1949

Freneau Park Rugby Union Football Team 1949

Freneau Park College Rugby Union Football Team Photo 1949 - Thanks to John Fitzgerald (Front Row Right)

Can you put some names to the Freneau Park Rugby Team of 1949?

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About the Author

Born in Brisbane in 1947 and raised on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Peter is one of eight children of William Henry Richards and Jean Matthews. Peter spent ten years in Toowoomba at boarding schools.

Firstly in 1955 at Freneau Park College and in 1959 Downlands College.

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Downlands College Toowoomba


Downlands Old School Badge


Current School Badge

Eulogy Father Tyson Doneley MSC OAM

Jack Duggan's "The Old Bush Telegraph"

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"Australia used to be a beaut country....."

What went wrong? - Read this compelling story

Darlinghurst Syddney 1980's

Chicken shop in Darlinghurst Sydney 1980's !!!

I remember I had to stand on a rubbish bin to get this shot.

Austin Sarsfield Ireland Gralton now re-published.

Thomas Matthews from Cornwall - Cordwainer (Master Boot and Shoe maker)

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About some of the Ancestors

Great-Great-Gradfather - Captain George Prout

Mining Pioneer from Cornwall UK

Great-Grandfather - Captain George Henry Carter Matthews

Mining expert from Cornwall UK

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