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Peters 1600's

Peter's Toyota Corona 1600S RT40 - 1967/68

About the Author - Peter Richards.

Peter Richards

About the Author

Peter Richards | Genealogist | Family History and Genealogy Expert | Author | Company Director | Accountant | Auditor | Investigator

About The Author

Born in Brisbane in 1947 and raised on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Peter is one of eight children of William Henry Richards and Jean Matthews. Peter spent ten years in Toowoomba at boarding schools.

Firstly in 1955 at Freneau Park College and in 1959 Downlands College.

Peter Freneau Park

Peter at Lone Pine

Freneau Park (Freneau Park was known as St. Helens before it was a school)

Freneau Park was a working dairy farm in 1955.

More information about Freneau Park

After leaving Downlands College in 1964 Peter started his working career employed by Francis Patrick Malone of F.P. Malone & Co - Public Accountants and Auditors of 154 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. Peter's early work years were in the field of Accounting, Taxation and Auditing.

Saturdays were taken up working for his Dad - A Brisbane Registered Paddock Bookmaker. Immediately after his 18th birthday Peter obtained his licence to work for his father at the racecourse. You cannot obtain a Clerk's Licence until you turn 21 unless you work for your father who is also a registered Bookmaker

Peter's 21 Birthday

Frank Malone, Peter Richards, Jean and Bill Richards at Donkin Street, Scarborough - Peter's 21 Birthday 1968.


No 11

Peter moved to Sydney in 1970 and worked for a Taxation Specialist, Kevin Roberts of K T Roberts and Co.

John and Gwen Harrigan were clients of Kevin Roberts and were joint owners of Sydney Bistros with Keith and Dennis Wong.

Sydney Bistros operated both Whisky-Au-Go-Go and Bonapartes at Kings Cross, Hawaiian Eye Bistro and Stagecoach Restaurant.

At one time Sydney Bistro's was the operator of Chequers International Theatre Restaurant.

Point Piper - Inner Sydney Suburb

John Harrigan's mother, Eileen Harrigan (nee Piper), also worked as a cashier at Whisky-Au-Go-Go and she was a descendant of Captain John Piper.


Chequers Nightclub was jointly operated by Keith Wong and Dennis Wong of the Mandarin Club and Transworld Importing Agency and by John Harrigan of Sydney Bistro's.

Mandarin Club - The old one

Peter was able to to see a number of Overseas artists who appeared at Chequers Nightclub including Shirley Bassey and The Four Tops.

John Harrigan Promotions

Sammy Davis Jr Brocure March 1970

Sammy Davis Jr appeared at Chequers in March 1970 just before his employment with Kevin Roberts.

Peter prepared the Income Tax Returns for a number of Overseas Artists while employed by Kevin Roberts. Keven, in those days, operated out of 55 Rowe Street, Sydney and occupied the sixth floor. Sydney Bistros Pty Ltd sub-leased the fourth floor from Kevin Roberts. The building was on the corner of Castlereagh Street and Rowe Street and was known as "Richards" English Mensware store. The 'Hotel Australia' was next door.

The building on the left of the 'Hotel Australia' is 'Richards House'. Rowe Street was in between.

Hotel Australia

Hotel Australia - Castlereagh and Rowe Street Sydney

Richards Mensware

F V Richards Shopping Bag

F V Richards - Mensware Store

F V Richards Brass Plaque

"Its trademark store in Castlereagh Street on the south-eastern corner of Rowe Street, built in 1925, had a frontage of only 17 ft (5.18m) but a depth of 92ft (28.04m) down Rowe Street. Frank Clune in his book, Saga of Sydney (1961) remarked that the building of 7 storeys high was said to be the world’s tallest building relative to its narrow frontage."


Sydney in 1970 was a leave destination for R & R for those involved in the Vietnam War.

Peter found employment with Chartered Accountants Wilson Danby Perry Johnson in 1973. This firm, who had by this time, changed their name to Perry Johnson Beardsmore and Wilton amalgamated with Yarwood Vane and Co and they moved from York and Erskine Street, Sydney to 15-19 Bent Street, Sydney. Yarwood Vane and Co is now known as Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

While at Perry Johnson Beardsmore and Wilton Peter worked under Partner Ian Langford-Brown in Taxation and Partner David John Russell as an Investigator on clients such as The Law Society of N.S.W.

Peter was involved with investigating Solicitors who had defrauded their Trust Accounts and their subsequent deregistration.

1975 was the year that Peter's Father died and the next year he took 7 months off to travel to London and Europe with friend Harry Malovany.

In June 1976 Peter and Harry left Sydney for Bali and after travelling for 9 weeks through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Napal (Kathmandu), India, Italy and Spain before they arrived at Gatwick England.

Peter Millar, from Sydney, was already in London when Peter and Harry arrived in early August 1976. Together they leased a flat that they used as a base in Kew near Richmond. The flat was opposite the famous Kew Gardens, and from there travelled around England, Ireland, Scotland and Europe for the next five months

Peter returned to Sydney, Australia in January 1977 and obtained employment with Chartered Accountants Felser Russell & Co.

Senior Partner Professor G. R. Felser M.B.E. was also the Head of Mission - Austrian Consul General.

Peter left Sydney in 1988 after spending four years as the Accountant and Financial Controller of a large Franchising Chain involved in the food industry.

Peter co-founded a food Wholesale Distribution business in Brisbane in 1988 with his brother Patrick. They started out at premises at Stafford in March 1988 and then moved to Bulimba on the Brisbane River in 1992. After the January 2011 Brisbane floods they moved to Geebung on Brisbane's Northside.

In March 2017 Peter and his brother Patrick celebrated 29 years in business as Wholesalers and Distributors.

On 28th August, 2017 Peter and Patrick sold their interests in the Wholesale business to a man in Beijing and Peter retired. Patrick has remained as General Manager under a contract for 2 years.

RBS Factory

Link to Information on Chequers Night Club

Chequers Night Club 1950

Chequers owner leaves his stamp on Sydney

John Harrigan Sydney-based promoter, manager, venue operator, 1960s

Peters Ancestors include

Captain George Prout from Cornwall.

Captain George Henry Matthews from Cornwall.

George Ford from Paxton Scotland.

Henry Arthur John Howell from Suffolk.

Thomas Butler from Ticehurst England.

Thomas Henry King from Amoy.

Link to Freneau Park Page


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Downlands Old School Badge


Current School Badge

Downlands College Toowoomba


Boys at Races

Brothers Donald, Ronald, Brian and Bill with their father William Henry Richards c. 1971

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Jean Matthews Video - By Peter Richards

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